Information For The New Term

As the COVID-19 crisis continues into a new term we would like to inform parents and pupils of what lies ahead in terms of curriculum and assessments.

As before the holidays, we are heavily reliant on pupils using Google Classroom to access learning from their teachers. This is especially relevant to S1-3 students where work should continue as ‘normal’.

Senior years are asked to also use the range of online resources already posted on this site under our COVID-19 page, and existing Google Classrooms, to do what they can to maintain knowledge and skills in National and Higher subjects.

Senior choices were collected before the school was closed and students would be advised to turn their attention to preparing – again, as best they can – for the subjects that they hope to take next session. We have an excellent resource on our Senior Phase Curriculum Revision page to aid this process. It can also be directly downloaded below:

We hope to have firm details of SQA arrangements for publication before the end of this week as well as information on the previously mentioned subject choice process.

Finally, we will also have additional information ready soon for how we would like to organise assessments and deadlines for work in S1-3.

Please continue to check this website and the COVID-19 page for this information.