The Physics course aims to generate and develop learners’ interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for Physics and its impact on today’s society.

Physics gives learners an insight into the underlying nature of our world and its place in the universe and covers a range of applications of the relationships that have been discovered through experiment and calculation, including those used in modern technology. It is a very practical subject and provides many opportunities to carry out experiments and practical investigations.

Through the study of Physics, within a relevant and modern context, learners will;

  • gain knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of Physics
  • learn about the applications of physics in everyday contexts
  • develop skills of scientific inquiry and analysis through challenging experimental work.
  • apply their knowledge to areas of Physics such as medicine, energy and industry
  • enhance their problem solving and research skills,
  • have opportunities to think creatively, analytically and independently.
  • have opportunities to develop a wide range of skills such as practical, research and communication.

Courses on offer:

  • S1/2/3 CfE Broad General Education
  • National 4 Physics
  • National 5 Physics
  • Higher Physics
  • Advanced Higher Physics


The Physics Department currently runs a range of courses to suit pupils of different stages and abilities. In our current S3, students will learn level 4 CfE outcomes which will be developed into related National 4 or 5 outcomes as appropriate. Students can then opt to continue in S4 with National 4 or National 5 Physics, dependent on their performance in S3. For S5 or S6 pupils we offer Higher Physics, progressing to Advanced Higher in S6.

What course should you choose?

Pupils will be recommended to take either National 4 or National 5 Physics in S4 based on progress in S3. This choice is also available to S5 pupils. Pupils with National 4 passes may choose National 5 Physics. Pupils with A-C grades in National 5 Physics may choose the Higher Physics course although those with a C grade may have to take this course over 2 years. Pupils who have not previously studied Physics should speak to the Principal Teacher and their guidance teacher to determine the best level of study. Generally a pupil opting for the Higher course without having previously studied the subject would be expected to have a good A/B higher attainment in at least 4 other subjects, particularly in Maths and English.

Staff members:

  • Mrs V May , Principal Teacher of Science
  • Mr P Darmady
  • Mr N Lamont