Dress Code Guidelines

Our revised school dress code is the result of a school-wide pupil consultation process held in 2017 to mark the entry to our new building. We are proud of our school and we feel our dress code encourages a shared feeling of community and purpose about the school and its work. It also serves to prevent competition between pupils over expensive fashion wear and helps to prevent bullying and victimisation of others on the grounds of what they wear.

To preserve these standards the only acceptable items of pupil clothing in Wick High School are those showing the school badge or a shirt with a school tie.

A PDF copy of the guidelines can be downloaded below:

The school dress code is:

  • A black or a white shirt with either of our school ties; striped or WHS tartan.
  • Sweatshirt, hooded top, blazer or zipped top in black with school badge.
  • A black or a white T-shirt or polo shirt with school badge.
  • Black trousers, jeans (without rips or holes) or skirt.
  • Plain (with minimal logo) black or white shoes or trainers.

The following items are not part of our dress code:

  • Any item displaying advertising, slogans or logos (other than the school badge)
  • Tracksuit trousers and tops
  • Football strips/scarves
  • Branded items
  • Leggings, thick tights, jeggings etc. in place of skirt or trousers.

Further Guidance:

  • We require all pupils to follow our “Hats Off Inside” rule. This also applies to hooded tops.
  • Pupils should expect to take off outdoor clothing in class.
  • Skirts should be of an acceptable length.
  • All tops must cover the shoulders and be full length. It is important that the top (i.e. shirt) and the bottom (i.e. trousers or skirt) meet and there are no bare midriffs visible.
  • Pupils should avoid purchasing outdoor jackets with large brand names and writing. Official school outerwear, embroidered with the school badge, can be purchased from the suppliers listed below.

Where to get your school dress code:

We offer the following suppliers of Wick High School branded items.

In Wick:

Highland Workwear

Unit 4D, Airport Industrial Estate



Tel: 01955 609014

Website: www.highlandworkwear.uk

Email: mike@highlandworkwear.uk

Blackstairs Highlandwear (Wick High School Tartan, Exclusive Supplier)

Blackstairs House

31 Lower Dunbar Street


Tel: 01955 608888

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/www.Blackstairs.co.uk/


66 High Street




Tel: 01955 602547

Website:  www.mcallans.com

Email:  wickmens@mcallans.com


Schoolwear Made Easy

Website:  www.schoolwearmadeeasy.com

Use the menu items to search for Wick High School’s catalogue or  CLICK HERE for the direct link.

MacGregor Highland Supplies

MacGregor Industrial Supplies Ltd

15-17 Henderson Road, Longman Industrial Estate, Inverness, IV1 1SN

Website: http://macgregorschoolwear.co.uk/product-category/secondary-schools/wick-high-school/