Physical Education

Welcome to the Wick High School PE Department


Mr S Sandecki                –   Faculty Head of PE, Home Economics and Music

Mrs P Bain

Mrs J Gunn

Mr A Davis

Physical Education in Wick High School aims to provide learners with a platform and foundation for lifelong engagement in physical activity and sport. Lessons are purposeful, challenging and engaging so that our pupils can build and develop a range of psychomotor, cognitive and social qualities preparing them for leading an active and healthy lifestyle outside of school.

Throughout their early and senior years in Wick High School pupils will encounter a variety of learning environments and experiences. This may include working individually, in pairs, small groups or all the way through to whole class exercises where communication and teamwork are vital. We aim to offer a large variety of activities so all pupils gain a broad an experience as possible and find an area where they are able to show their full potential and capability.