S1-S3 Online Learning Timetable Published

If you are a pupil in S1-S3 or a parent/guardian of a pupil in these year groups we would like to inform you of the planned week structure or ‘timetable’ while the school is closed during the COVID-19 crisis. This can be seen above.

These are the designated days where subjects will post work on Google Classrooms in order to create a structured pattern to the week. This allows pupils to organise their time in a familiar way to being at school, as well as allowing them to have deadlines evenly spread, to avoid excessive workload on them and their supportive families. English and Maths have two slots per week as they have the majority of the time in the Broad General Education curriculum.

To access this work, it is vital that all pupils have access to the Google Classroom set up for each of their subjects. If you do not have this access please email the school on wick.high@highland.gov.uk and your request will be dealt with by one of our staff.

While we are yet to ask pupils to formally ‘register’ for school in the morning, we are keen to impress on pupils and their families that engagement in this work online is vital to ensure that the school is satisfied with the welfare of our pupils in this difficult period. We would, therefore, very much appreciate your efforts in engaging with the work set for you each day. If for any reason you will find this difficult, please be in touch with us via email at wick.high@highland.gov.uk and we will be happy to help.

Many thanks to you all for your continued hard work and support of the school in this most difficult time.