Social Subjects S1/2

S1/2 Social Studies

Through social studies, our pupils will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances; they also develop their understanding of their environment and of how it has been shaped. We will broaden our pupils’ experiences by using Scottish, British, European and wider contexts for learning, while maintaining a focus on the historical, social, geographic, economic and political changes that have shaped Scotland. Pupils learn about human achievements and about how to make sense of changes in society, of conflicts and of environmental issues. With greater understanding comes the opportunity and ability to influence events by exercising informed and responsible citizenship.

S1 Social Subjects
How to be a social scientist

Pupils will develop the skills required to investigate, evaluate and present what they have achieved in social subjects.

Skara Brae

How Geography and History combine to tell the story of Skara Brae.

S2 Social Subjects
Our Earth Forces unit looks at how the structure of the earth can result in many kinds of natural disaster.  We look at the events of Pompeii and contrast with eruptions of the modern age.

Scotland – Then and Now

Pupils will study Scotland as we look at the physical geography of the country and how that has impacted on the people.  We will look at our capital city and investigate how it has changed over time.  Housing, Shopping, Disease along with Crime, Punishment and Democracy are all areas that will be covered during the course of the unit.