Religious & Moral Education

Religious & Moral Education (RME)

Teaching Staff:

Ms E Stobo

Pupils will study RME from S1-S4.  The courses are designed to gives pupils the opportunity to develop both skills and knowledge.  There are also opportunities for all to engage in the SQA Religious Beliefs and Values award, which can be awarded at a variety of levels.

Religious and Moral Education is part of the Social Subjects and RME faculty. The subject examines a variety of issues that pupils may be aware of that relate to the modern world. In RME we will help you develop an understanding and respect for all beliefs and views, whether you agree with them or not.  The aim of RME is to evaluate other people’s beliefs so that we can form our own thinking and be able to express our own opinions on modern issues, moral issues and philosophical questions. You will develop many skills in RME that will allow you to prepare for your future beyond your time at Wick High School.