WHS Pupils Help With Noss Forest Project

You may have heard of the excellent work being undertaken in Noss Forest by a team of volunteers to tidy up and develop the area for use as an outdoor learning venue. Mr Aitken, who is a leading member of this project team, has recently taken three high school pupils to the site to help with the work on a weekly basis. Here, he tells us more:

Over the past three weeks, High School pupils, Danny Aveiro, Tommy McPhee and Kyle Robertson, have been working at the forest to build a den large enough for a group of pupils to use to enjoy a quiet, sheltered spot for reading. We asked members of the public to donate their Christmas trees as well as finding a home for the Wick Christmas tree from the Market Square. Our plan is to now stock this den with a series of books that can be read in the den using the log seats.

Keep an eye out for further developments on the Noss Forest page on Facebook.

From L-R Danny, Kyle, Tommy and Mr Aitken in the den that they built for younger children to read in.
The group outside their den.