Prom Dress Sale – Donate & Sell Your Old Dresses For Cash!

We are looking for your old, unwanted, prom dresses!

This year’s prom committee teachers (Miss Anderson, Miss Bunch, Miss Reid and Miss Swanson) have organised a prom dress sale for current pupils to be held in the school on Tuesday the 22nd November from 3.45pm to 5pm. There will be a range of different styles to choose from with dresses starting at £10.

The idea behind the sale is for people to be able to offload unwanted dresses that they have hanging in the wardrobe at home while making some money for themselves and the school prom committee in the process. Sellers will received the money paid for the dresses minus a £2 per dress sellers fee which will be used to help fund our proms in the future.

The dresses will be be sold by silent auction; you decide what you would pay, the amount is written with your name and contact details on a slip of paper inside a sealed envelope and at the end of the event the highest bid secures the dress.

Please contact any of the staff named above at the school for more details or to donate items.

The poster for the event can be found below:

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