Sports Day Results – 2015

It has been a hugely busy time for the PE department in the school with each year group participating in sports days. Below are the winners of each prize along with a selection of photos from the prize giving ceremony held in the school. Many thanks to all who took part as well as the PE staff for organising the events so well.

Fitness – Beep test award 2015

1st year Boys

Angus Hendry 1S – 86 shuttles

Grant Aitkenhead 1F – 73

Lewis Shepherd 1F – 66

1st year Girls

Paige Rosie 1S – 70

Kevagh Bremner 1R – 70

Erin Bremner 1F – 53

2nd year Boys

Ross Gunn 2M – 113

Graeme Buchan 2M – 93

Conor Hendry 2M – 74

 2nd year Girls

Katie Jolly 2S – 70

Rhea Sinclair 2N – 57

Rebecca McDougal 2N – 55

3rd year Boys

Brandon Sinclair 3R – 97

Scott Bremner 3F – 96

Luke McDowell 3F – 96

3rd  year Girls

Lesley Christie 3R – 48

Marie-Ann Ganson 3M – 48

Shannon McPhee 3N – 46

Pupil of the Year in PE Award 2015

S1 Boys

Robbie Gunn 1M & Lewis Shepherd 1F

S1 Girls

Shannon Campbell 1M

S2 Boys

Ross Gunn 2M

S2 Girls

Morven Coghill 2S & Carly Sinclair

S3 Boys

Brandon Sinclair 3R

S3 Girls

Shannon McPhee 3N

Senior Boys

Ryan Campbell 4R & Kyle Henderson 4N

Senior Girls

Katie Mackay 5F

Sport Days Winners 2015

S2 Boys Basketball – 2F

Grant Aitkenhead

Ryan Calder

Cailean Fraser

Lewis Shepherd

S2 Girls Basketball – 2F

Erin Miller

Anabelle Brightman

Chloe O’Neill

Erin MacGregor

Isla McLeod

Mia Banks


S2 Football – 2M

Mackenzie Barton-Ogg

Archie Budge

Cameron Carter

Robbie Gunn

Ross Mackay

Allan McGregor

David Teixeira

Shannon Campbell

Devin Stuart

S2 Netball – 2S

Kirsty Bain

Leane Buchan

Beth Dunnett

Courtney John

Jade Kirk

Paige Rosie

Shaolin Warnock

S3 Boys Basketball – 3S

Kyle Sutherland

Kieran Davis

Robbie McIvor

Greg Mackay

S3 Girls Basketball – 3S

Carly Sinclair

Chloe Dunnett

Abbie Cook

Vikki Dunnett


S3 Football – 3M

Ross Bain

Graeme Buchan

Max Hagan

Ben Gunn

Ross Gunn

Conor Hendry

Steven Rollo

George Rothera

Colin Mackay

S3 Netball – 3S

Carly Sinclair

Morven Coghill

Kate Jolly

Abbey Cook

Mollie Jo Miller

Chloe Dunnett

Vikki Dunnett

Erin Mackenzie

S4 Boys Basketball – 4R

Colin Henstridge

Shaun Robertson

Cameron Mackenzie

Brandon Sinclair

S4 Girls Basketball – 4N

Jade Holland

Lucie Harper

Shannon McPhee

Shannen Wilson

Lauren Robertson

S4 Football  – 4M

Ben Barkley

Billy Miller

Callum Gow

Joe Swanson

Jack Duffy

Elliot Geddes

Lewis Newlands

Dean Salim

Jack Falconer

S4 Netball – 4N

Erin Green

Ellora James

Lauren Robertson

Fiona Steven

Lucie Harper

Sophie Harper

Jade Holland

Shannen Wilson

S5/6 Boys Basketball

Connor Dunnet

Jaimie  Green

Liam Dunnett

Greg Morgan

Joshua Sutherland

Jack Gow

Greame  Sutherland

Aidan Young

S5/6 Girls Basketball

Robyn Macdougall

Katie Dunnett

Morven Smart

Ella Green

Claire Risbridger

Megan Warning

Jade Sinclair

 S5/6 Football

Ross Davidson

Kyle Henderson

Kai Tait

Ryan Campbell

Jack Coghill

Connor Harcus

Owen Christie

Danmon Meikle

S5/6 Netball

Robyn Aitkenhead

Megan Mackay

Sarah Begg

Natalie Cornwall

Loryn Duffus

Fay Arnold

Emily Kelly