Photos and news from France 2015 trip

Mrs Darmady has been in touch from Paris to let us know how the trip is going. She writes:

Hello everyone,

After a very long journey we were greeted with a great meal  and nice, practical bedrooms. 

Today we went to visit Giverny’s Monet gardens and climbed all the way up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. It was well worth effort as the view was awesome. Enclosed are photos of the Eiffel Tower seen from the top and a group photo.

Kids also had a great time back at the Youth center with the outdoor pool opened especially for them. A photo is enclosed too. For the less aquatic, tennis, football, French TV and a pool table are available.

Tomorrow it is Asterix Parc which everyone is very much looking forward to. I will try to send some photos tomorrow night too.

Weather is very hot but all are bearing up well. A great atmosphere too.

Take care,

Mrs Darmady

Thank you Mrs Darmady. We hope to hear from you all again soon!