More “Chocolatey Creativity” in English

Following on from the success of 3F’s venture into the world of chocolate marketing 3R have created been involved in a similar project in English with Ms Macarthur. Photos of their work as well as the superb presentations that they made are available to view below. Two participants, Chloe Dunnett and Kerry Plowman tell us more:

This term we were given the exciting project of the marketing of chocolate. We studied how the advertising and marketing of chocolate has changed and developed over the years. We also looked at slogans and how they have the power to encourage you to buy something. Slogans work in different ways, some use alliteration and repetition whilst others can use rhymes, “The Rule of Three”, an order, puns and even rhetorical questions.

Our next task was to look at a chocolate product that Ms MacArthur kindly bought. We had to fill out a sheet about our chocolate bar, describing the wrapper, adverts for the product, the target market and the slogan. We then got to EAT our chocolate bar! Another task we were given was to look at a chocolate bar through our senses. Ms Macarthur bought us another bar which we had to fill out a chart on how the bar looked, smelled, felt, tasted and how it made us feel.

Our main task was to create a chocolate bar and create an advert and marketing plan with all our new knowledge on chocolate marketing. We made power points on our product which we presented to the class which Ms Macarthur judged. The winning team was Shooting Star (Clarabelle Martens, Natalia Kalamarska, Charlie Taylor and Coran Murphy) The team created a star shaped bar filled with Nutella, biscuit and popping candy. All Time (Isla Miller, Kaitlin Gunn, Jamie Shepherd, Aidan Sutherland and Danny Nicholson) and Blast (Kathryn Carter, Freya Stott and Louise Gunn) closely followed in second place. All Time made a fruit brownie and Blast made a strawberry and caramel chocolate coated ice cream bar. The joint runners up in third place were team Marshcler – Mollie-Jo Milner and Kerrie Sutherland and team PopBar with Chloe Dunnett and Kerry Plowman.

Ms Macarthur said she was very impressed with the standard of all our presentations and the work we all put into the project. An enjoyable experience in every way!