Watch Out Cadbury! Here we come…

For the past six weeks or so 3F have been busily engaged during their English lessons in an “Apprentice” style task which has seen them working in groups to invent and market a fabulous new chocolate product. They had to decide on a target market, design the actual product and the wrapper to appeal to that market, invent a name and a slogan, and then produce an advertising poster, a press memo and a television advert. As if that wasn’t enough each group then had to formally present their product to the board of directors of Thornbury’s Chocolate (their classmates and Mrs Matthews) and be as persuasive as possible to have their product chosen as the winner.

Through engaging in these “Talking and Listening” tasks they have learned about persuasion (how to persuade and how to know when you are being persuaded), use of descriptive language, about team work, and how to be confident and successful in giving a formal presentation.

The products were all wonderfully imaginative and the designs brilliant and it was a closely fought competition. Each team was marked, by each member of the “Board”, out of 10 for ideas and marketing campaign, and out of 10 for presentation skills.

The winners were Bryony Munro and Sophie Campbell with their product aimed at the teenage market, “Da Bomb” (creamy luscious melt in the mouth chocolate sweets in a variety of outstanding flavours causing tangy fruity deliciousness or a wave of fresh mintiness to explode in your mouth. One sweet in every pack is filled with popping candy- it is “Da Bomb”)

In second place came Ryan Farquhar, Josh Honeyman and Mark Sutherland with their product “Alien Bar”. (A deliciously minty bar of thick mint chocolate filled with chocolate chips, with the very apt slogan “Mint From Beyond”.)

In third place came Erin Sutherland and Amber Durrani with their luxury product aimed at an older, female market, “Summer Berry Swirls” ( a small smooth ball of luxurious, sweet soft marshmallow covered in rich silky chocolate filled with fruity berry sauce.”) Unfortunately Amber, could not be in school for the presentation, so Elle Harrold kindly stepped in at the last minute. Amber will receive her certificate and prize on her return to school.

The other inventions and marketing campaigns were also of a very high standard; the class as a whole worked immensely hard and they should be very proud.