S2 Choices & Changes To S3 Curriculum Model

We will issue S2 tracking reports on Monday 14th March in preparation for the S2 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 16th March. Pupils will use this information as well as the parent/carer’s chance to speak with teachers to make S3 choices for the coming academic session.

S3 Curriculum Model

Please be aware that a change has been made to the S3 curriculum in the coming year. We are asking pupils to choose subjects in the knowledge that in S3 they will begin to cover National coursework which, in previous years, they would have begun to cover in S4. This means that pupils will have an extra year of time to prepare for the National qualifications that they will, as normal, be awarded in S4. You might want to think of this as a ‘two-year’ subject choice; not only for S3 but S4 as well. We believe that not only will this will give additional breadth, depth and challenge to pupils, as the National Curriculum demands, but will also afford pupils an increased chance of academic achievement. As a result of this change, the teachers of S2 pupils have been asked to make reference in their reports to the potential two-year prognosis in their subject to assist their S3 choices. This is only an early indication of predicted achievement and can change as the course progresses.

S3 pupils will study eight subjects: English and Maths plus six subjects of their choice. Please be aware that due to the existing structure of the Senior Phase (S4 to S6), where we currently ask that pupils study six subjects, two of these subjects will be discontinued in the transition from S3 to S4.

The S2 to S3 choice form is currently being designed and will be published to parents/carers, as well as issued to pupils, soon.

If you have any questions about the changes to the curriculum please contact us.