Wick High School Inventors’ Club Coming Soon!

On Monday 20th May, the Wick High Computing Science department will be launching their Inventors’ Club for S1-6 pupils. The idea of an Inventors’ Club is to support young people to develop their own ideas, whether it be a unicorn that poops jellybeans when you get a new follower on Twitter or an autonomous vehicle (all ideas are achievable!).

After spending around 1 year developing the concept and seeking funding, we are pleased to have gained support from Developing Young Workforce North Highland and Denchi Power.

With our funding we have purchased a large selection of components and kits that integrate with Raspberry Pi, as well as an array of components, sensors, cables and motors to give the pupils as wide a range of ideas as possible.

The idea for the Inventors’ Club came from the success that was achieved with the Light Bike last year, winning the Apps for Good award in London and being a finalist in the Big Bang Competition. During the year-long development of the Light Bike we quickly realised that the team’s ideas were constrained by our lack of components to draw upon. Luckily for us, the Wick Community Council micro grant scheme allowed us to purchase everything required to make the bike a success.

In our first Inventors’ Club session we will be building mobile robots that react to sound and powered gliders. If however, you have your own idea you’re welcome to come along and get started!

Please come along to Mr Aitken’s room after school on Monday. The session will run to 17:00. Bus passes will be issued to pupils requiring a late bus home.

Hope to see you there!