Outdoor Education Trip: Alladale 2018

Last week a group of our pupils, accompanied by Mr Tillier, braved the Highland wilderness when they took part in a trip to Alladale Outdoor Education Centre. The pupils engaged in a number of activities such as archery, gorge walking, fire making, wood whittling and camping. The group spent four nights ‘under canvas’, moving camp each day to experience more of the magnificent landscape and scenery; all the while gaining important life skills and making new friends.

All of the pupils returned with great stories of their adventures, as well as very healthy complexions due to the fine weather they were blessed with on the hills! One of the students, Mollie Mackay, very kindly wrote a short account of her time on the trip and told us more about the effect that it has had on her.

“My trip to Alladale was very unexpected. At first I didn’t want to go and thought I’d never enjoy it. I learned a lot about myself whilst away. I’ve learned how to better control my emotions, improve my manners and the trip made me realise you can do a lot more than what you limit yourself to do. I cooked various meals in the evening whilst away (which means I now like vegetables) and during the day we did loads of activities including gorge walking up the valley; taking a hike up a really gorgeous mountain and having lunch on top of it! We went swimming every night in our free hour, and also got to try archery (may I add Mr. Tillier lost!) I really think this trip has taught me a lot. Most importantly it taught me respect and to follow instructions. Also I can do way more than what I limit myself to do. I have seen a big difference in my school work and respect for my peers and teachers. I would happily go again and would recommend others to go!”

We hope that this will be the start of many such trips in the future. Judging from the feedback of those who went, even the inevitable tired feet and midgie bites were worth it! Many thanks to the superb staff of HOWL at Alladale for all their help and assistance in making this trip so successful.