Senior Tracking Information

As mentioned in a post earlier today, senior school pupils today received their first progress tracking report of the year. This will be a regular feature of the senior school calendar with  tracking being gathered and issued to parents in October, December and March. It is designed to keep pupils and parents better informed of academic progress, hopefully allowing any issues to be dealt with quickly.

Below are three documents which will help with any questions you might have: the parental letter issued this morning with the tracking reports and two calendars which show at a glance the assessments that each subject in the curriculum are planning and when in the year they will occur. There is one for Higher subjects and one for National subjects. These will also be placed on the website under Pupil Assessment Information.

If you have any concerns about the information please contact the relevant member of the Guidance team or your child’s Year Head (Depute Rector).


Tracking Letter to Parents 2017-18


National Tracking Calendar 2017-18


Higher Tracking Calendar 2017-18