S6 Parents/Guardians – Timetable Information

This week Mr Mackenzie, Head of Sixth Year, will be finalising timetables with each pupil in the year group. As well as ensuring that a suitable range and number of subjects have been chosen there will also be discussions about the extra-curricular options available to each student. These include work experience placements, in-class help with junior years in the school, volunteering opportunities in the local community and much more.

Students will also be given the opportunity to sign out of the school at agreed times in their week when the timetable allows. In this time students are free to leave the school building to pursue private study or other activities which allow them to develop their skills such as driving lessons etc.

If you are a sixth year parent and you have any questions or comments about the situation with your child please do not hesitate to contact Mr Mackenzie at the school or email directly at grant.mackenzie@highland.gov.uk