Senior Pupil Tracking and Assessment Calendar – Available Now

Raising attainment is one of the priorities of both Highland Council and Wick High School.  As a result we have developed a Tracking and Monitoring system.

This information was issued to pupils via registration this morning in a letter. It can be downloaded below.

The main aims of this system are to:

  • Raise attainment through regular monitoring of pupil performance
  • Early identification of under-performance.
  • Improve parents’ knowledge of their child’s progress.
  • Early intervention.
  • Increase pupil responsibility for their own learning.
  • Increase parental involvement in their child’s learning.

How this Tracking and Monitoring policy works:

There will be three tracking periods in session 2016-17. These will be in October, November and March.

  • Starting in October, each tracking period will record Effort, Behaviour and Homework for each pupil as well as a Target Grade and Working at Grade (based on performance in class).
  • Progress Reports will be sent to parents to inform them of pupil progress in November.
  • Progress reports will be sent to Parents at the end of March. These reports will also include prelim grades.
  • Full written report cards will be sent to parents as per school calendar (available online)

By highlighting issues with pupils early on, we can take steps to support each pupil and we would appreciate your assistance as parents.

All senior pupils have to complete internal unit assessments throughout the year.  Details of these assessments can be found on the school’s assessment calendar. A downloadable PDF of this calendar can be found using the link below and will also be added to the ‘Assessment Information’ page of this website under ‘Pupils’.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms C Bennett, Depute Rector, or a member of the Guidance team should you have any questions or queries regarding the tracking reports.

Senior Tracking Letter – November 2016

National Level Assessment Calendar 2016-17

Higher Level Assessment Calendar 2016-17