Attendance Text Messaging Service – Parent Information

We will soon be rolling out a new automated service to alert you as parents/guardians to any occasion when your child’s attendance at school is unexplained. Pupils will be issued with a letter outlining the details of the system today and tomorrow at registration. A copy of this can be downloaded below.

As your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us we feel that this system will be a useful means of communication to ensure that you, as parents/guardians, know that your child has arrived safely at school.

The system will send you a text message via your mobile phone if your child has not arrived at school and we do not have a reason for the absence.

All year groups will be covered by the system and we expect that the system will go ‘live’ on Thursday 1st December 2016.

If you know that your mobile number has changed recently please contact the school office on the details below to provide up-to-date contact details.

Attendance Text Messaging Letter – November 2016