Wick High School Tartan – The Process So Far

As recently reported on this site we are close to revealing the final design for our signature Wick High School tartan. Mr Craig Ross, Faculty Head of Art and Technical has been instrumental in organising the competition. he tells us more about the process so far:

The new school tartan design competition has been gathering momentum this term with all of the S3 pupils working to an internal deadline set by the department. The Art and Design teachers were given the tough challenge of selecting ten pupil designs to go forward to a select judging panel.

As expected, this proved an impossible task with thirteen pupils’ work being selected to go forward. The judging panel was made up of members of the school’s Senior Management Team, Mr Ross and Martin Gill from Blackstairs Highland Menswear.

The panel were incredibly impressed with the very high standards of work (see below) coming from the pupils. Martin was particularly delighted with how specific the pupils had been in showcasing where their colour selections and patterns were taken from; with the wide range of designs featuring a mixture of colours from the surrounding local landscape and school, as well as the range of patterns coming from the current building where window frames and stairwells have helped inform the designs. This would ensure that the final tartan design would have a direct link and legacy to the school. 

The panel were faced with the decision of trying to choose just three final designs to be put to the whole school for a vote but once more this proved too tough a challenge with four pupils’ work being selected to go forward for the pupil vote! They were Liam Harper, Jo Bramble, Amber Durrani, and Vicki Dunnet.

Here are the pupils with their individual designs that were put to the pupils.

Over 450 Pupils and Staff were involved in a frantic two days of voting for their favourite design during lunchtimes, which resulted in a very closely contested battle. Jo Bramble was announced as the winner with her design polling the largest percentage of votes for this very unique occasion.  


Jo Bramble with her winning design

We will reveal the final, winning, design for our tartan very soon. Congratulations to all the pupils and staff who have taken part in this process so far.