The MarketPlace Enterprise Group

The MarketPlace is an enterprise group that teaches pupils about all stages of business, from designing and costing to making and selling.

With the support of Mrs Darmady, Mrs Peat and Ms Macarthur, eleven of our new S2 and S3 pupils had the opportunity to visit Northlands Glass in Lybster to see what can be done with glass and how such projects are planned. They were also then given the chance to make some samples using a variety of techniques including glass powders, templates and sand etching.

The students plan to visit again to discuss new ideas and also to see what can be made within a set budget.

We’d like to thank the staff of Northlands Glass who gave the pupils an amazing time and congratulate all the pupils who made such stunning finished pieces.

The staff and pupils involved with their artwork.

The staff and pupils involved with their artwork.