Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Event

On Friday a small number of budding writers from the new S2, S3 and S4 were lucky enough to be involved in a poetry workshop. This was run by Moniack Mhor – a creative writing centre based near Inverness – and hosted by the very talented Performance Poetry duo known as Rally & Broad. The session was great fun and offered those involved the opportunity to try different ways of getting inspiration for their writing. For instance, a mix-and-match activity with characters and settings, a 50-word story challenge, the chance to write the story behind a picture and the chance to have a go at an acrostic poem. Then Rachel and Jenny (AKA Rally & Broad) provided some activities to get everyone thinking about what makes people come across well when we meet them and what makes a good performance – which turned out to be very similar traits. After lunch, the pupils who were involved took turns to read their excellent creations aloud to one another – doing a great job of over-coming their nerves and gripping their audience.