RedCritter Rewards

In April 2018 our school became the first school in the UK to utilise RedCritter, an online student rewards system. The system allows pupils to receive points for examples of great work, effort and class conduct among many. Each pupil receives a point for their own individual total as well as earning points for their respective house team. Each month we announce winners of each reward category and at the end of each year we celebrate the class and house that has performed the best in each year group.

Every pupil in the school has an account which can be accessed by logging in HERE. In addition to the online account pupils and parents/guardians can download the RedCritter app for their Android or iPhone by searching for RedCritter in the Play Store or Apple App Store. This is a great way to keep up to date with the points awarded as a notification is sent live to the phone.

You can see the LIVE house points scores below:

Title: RedCritter House Points