Online Learning During Covid-19


In these difficult times of planned school closure, Wick High School will be doing all it can to maintain learning and support for our students.

Accessing Learning Resources – All Year Groups

As with other schools across the country we will be heavily reliant on online learning and resources to stay in contact with our students. The majority of this contact will take place through Google Classroom and can be easily accessed with the student’s Chromebook or through any internet enabled device which is logged in to the pupil’s Google Chrome account.

All existing Google Classrooms will be maintained, as well as the changing circumstances will allow, by teaching staff throughout the period of school closure and will be the principal method of staff issuing resources and learning tasks to students. Pupils who need access to these classrooms should already have it but if, for any reason, a pupil needs to have the class code to gain access they should contact the school directly by email at In some cases, if the pupil has been invited to gain access they will be able to do this by checking their email account ( and following the invitation there from their teacher. Alternatively, if they have been added to the classroom without needing to be invited they will simply see the classroom on their Google Classroom dashboard.

In addition, The Highland Council DigiLearn website is an excellent resource for all sorts of things including very useful lists of free educational online resources for all stages of education from Early to Senior Phase as well as Additional Support Needs:

Early Level Resources

First Level Resources

Second Level Resources

Third Level Resources

Senior Resources

Additional Support Needs Resources

Accessing Learning Resources – Junior Phase Only

Accessing Learning Resources – Senior Phase Only

As with all years, we recommend that students maintain as regular a contact as is possible with teaching staff through the existing Google Classroom arrangements for National and Higher courses.

Senior students are also able to gain access to Scholar, an online study resource provided by Heriot Watt University ( using the username and password that they were given at the beginning of this year. If this information is no longer known to a student they can retrieve these details by emailing the school directly

We will make announcements as they are released by The Scottish Government and the SQA with regards to examinations on our website:

Health, Wellbeing and Vocational Resources – All Pupils

We are fully aware that the current situation is hugely stressful for all school community partners. It is vital that we remember not only the academic benefits of school but also the social contact and relationships that these build for us as human beings. While we cannot replicate this we have also set up some online resources that might help support this aspect of the crisis.

My World Of Work

For pupils who wish to access online careers education and information My World Of Work a great resource. All students should either already have an account or can create a new one on the site.

Step Forward Wick Youth

For students who are part of our youth work project, Step Forward Wick Youth, a Google Classroom has been created which will be added to daily by our youth work team. All pupils who are part of this group should have already gained access to this online space. Again, if you need access and have not been granted please email us at

Contacting Staff Regarding Pastoral & Curricular Issues

We understand that there may be occasions where issues of curriculum, learning and/or wellbeing may arise. Please in the first instance email the generic address and your query will be forwarded to the relevant member of teaching staff whereupon they will reply to you.

General Resources

The Highland Council DigiLearn website has a wide range of resources for pupils at all levels from Early to Senior Phase as well as those with ASN.