S2 to S3 Choice Form & Prospectus 2023-24 Published

The S2 to S3 choice form was issued to pupils at registration today with a deadline for completion of Friday 31st March. 

The Guidance Team will meet with pupils to discuss their choices and pathways over the next week.  We will also have an assembly in the Dance Studio on Wednesday 22nd March period 3 with all S2 pupils. Faculty Heads will attend this assembly to discuss the different subjects with S2 pupils. 

In addition, the same presentation will be given to interested parents/carers before the start of the S2 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 23rd March. This will take place in the school dance studio (hall).

Please find attached the documents required for the completion of the S2 choice form: the choice form and the S3 Prospectus 2023-24.