S6 Ukraine Fundraising

In the past week, 6th year pupils came together to fundraise for the war in Ukraine. As a group, they organised an ice dunk where the top 3 pupils and teachers got ice cold water poured on them. In first place for pupils was Joanna Shearer, followed by Emily Sutherland in second place and Scott Sinclair in third.

In first place for teachers was Ms MacArthur followed by Mr Wilson in second place and joint third were Mr Ellis and Heather Manson.

Other fundraising included a bake sale and lucky squares where a prize was given to the pupil whose lucky square was drawn. A non-uniform day to wear the colours blue and yellow was also held to raise money as well as Mrs Darmady’s crochet earrings which she had on sale!

A grand total of £719.87 was raised.

Thanks to Niamh Sutherland for the report.