Easter Study Classes

assorted easter eggs

We are pleased to announce that there are a number of Easter Study Classes available to senior pupils during our upcoming holiday. The list of classes available are shown in the table below as well as in a downloadable PDF file.

It would be useful for staff if pupils who plan to attend the classes could email them in advance with any specific requests on topics that they would like help with. There is no need to pre-register with staff to attend; simply turn up at the allotted time and a member of Highlife Highland Staff will tell you where to find the study class.

History HigherJ TillierMonday04/04/202210am -12am
Modern StudiesN5/HigherJ TillierMonday04/04/20221pm- 3pm
FrenchHighersD LewisMonday04/04/202210am -12am
FrenchNat 5D LewisMonday04/04/2022& 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalJ. KennedyMonday04/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalP. HayMonday04/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignHigher N. LamontMonday04/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Design and ManufactureNationalE. MackayMonday04/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5C WatsonTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5A MacarthurTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
ChemistryNational 5Mr ShandTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalJ. KennedyTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalP. HayTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignHigher N. LamontTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Design and ManufactureNationalE. MackayTuesday05/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5C WatsonWednesday06/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5A MacarthurWednesday06/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
ChemistryHigherMr ShandWednesday06/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Geography National 5J McCandlessThursday07/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Travel and TourismNational 5J McCandlessThursday07/04/20221pm- 3pm
Graphic CommunicationNationalE. NicolsonThursday07/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
HistoryNational 5B CrawfordMonday11/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
History HigherJ TillierMonday11/04/202210am -12am
Modern StudiesN5/HigherJ TillierMonday11/04/2022 1pm- 3pm
EnglishN5S MackintoshMonday11/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5A MacarthurMonday11/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
FrenchHighersD LewisMonday11/04/202210am -12am
FrenchNat 5D LewisMonday11/04/20221pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalC. RossMonday11/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
MathsN5/HigherJ MacBeathTuesday12/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishN5S MackintoshTuesday12/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Biology / Higher Human BiologyH/ N5Miss IrwinTuesday12/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Art and DesignNationalC. RossTuesday12/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
Health & Food TechnologyN5/HigherM SwansonTuesday12/04/202210am -12am
Practical CookeryN5M SwansonTuesday12/04/20221pm- 3pm
Maths/AppsN5/HigherK OrrWednesday 13/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
EnglishH/N5A MacarthurWednesday13/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
PhysicsNational 5Mr MacBeathWednesday13/04/202210am -12am
PhysicsHigherMr MacBeathWednesday13/04/2022 1pm- 3pm
MathsNat 5/ Nat 5 AppsM PedenThursday14/04/202210am -11:30am & 1pm- 3pm
MusicNat 5/ HigerM SutherlandThursday14/04/202210am -12am & 1pm- 3pm
MusicNat 5/ HigerM SutherlandFriday15/04/202210am -12am