S6 Pupils Raise £1500 For Children In Need

Last week our trememendous S6 Charity Fundraising Committee organised a series of events to raise money for Children In Need. In total £1500 was raised.

Throughout the week the senior pupils asked the rest of the school to vote for teachers to face the infamous ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. The more votes, the more money raised for charity. The top 5 were as follows:

Mr Sutherland (Technical) – £91.20

Mr Davis – 76.90

Mr Aitken – £69.69 (shown below!)

Mr Harcus – £67.69

Miss Orr – £64.37

Mr Aitken receiving his two buckets of icy water!

In addition, at breaktime each day the students laid on a selection of sweet and savoury home cooking that had the rest of the school’s tastebuds watering! The pupils who organised this were also given Saltire Volunteering Awards in recognition of their hard work.

Well done to all of those who organised, donated and took part in the events!