P7 to S1 Transition Days – Important Information

We look forward to meeting our new S1 pupils for their full induction days on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd June 2021.  In preparation for these days we would like to pass on some information which hopefully will answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Pupils should arrive at school at 8.40am. From there they will be asked to report to their respective registration classroom. They will know which register class they are part of before this time as they will have been informed of their classmates by their primary school as well as being issued with their timetable on Monday 21st June in their primary school class. Once they have been registered, they will follow their timetable. An outline of the school day as well as the times of break and lunchtime can be found here.

At lunchtime on both days they will be expected to stay in school unless parents have informed us that they wish their child to come home for lunch.  They will have an early lunch at 1.10 pm and return to classes at 2.00pm.  Pupils will be released from classes at 3.20 pm to make their way home or to catch transport home in good time.

To give pupils a taste of the wider opportunities on offer when they return in August we will be running some Health & Wellbeing activities during the lunchtimes of both days which are being organised by the PE department. There will be a choice of activities for pupils to take part in. In order to participate effectively could we therefore ask those interested in taking part to wear clothing suitable for sporting activity. Suitable shoes should also be worn; high heels or heavy industrial footwear will not be suitable.

In addition to this, on the second induction day, pupils will have a period with our youth work team, Step Forward Wick Youth, who will show the pupils some of the exciting activities that they are welcome to be a part of during the summer holidays and when they return to our school in August.

As regards what to wear for timetabled lessons, a choice of their Primary School uniform/sweatshirt or anything close to our dress code of plain black/white clothing is acceptable.  There should be no football tops or any garment with slogans. For pupils who have PE (Physical Education) on their transition days we ask that they bring suitable sports clothing with them, as detailed above. A copy of our dress code is available HERE.

It is advised to all parents/carers of pupils living in rural areas to make sure that you have applied successfully for a bus pass in plenty of time before we return in August. This can be done by clicking HERE.

Finally, as we are unable, due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, to have a parents’ information evening we will post resources for parents/carers on this website in the coming week. You are also welcome to email our dedicated transition address with questions: transition@wickhigh.org.uk

We look forward to meeting your children during these days.