S3 Business Studies Option Added To Choice Form

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The school has the opportunity to create an S3 Business option for 2021-22. This will help to prepare pupils for National 4/5 Business Management in the senior phase. Business is an extremely relevant subject as it enables you to begin to understand some of the activities that all major organisations engage in. Having an awareness of the role of business in society is something that can be hugely significant in our lives. Being able to describe how and why organisations engage in certain activities can prove to be very useful as we consume products and services from different business and go on to find employment with these different businesses.

S3 areas of study are likely to be focused on:

  • Role of business in society
  • Types of business organisations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Enterprise

The course will seek to build on and develop existing ICT skills.

Please consult your Guidance teacher and your parent/carer if you would like to consider changing one of your options to S3 Business. They will then direct the pupil to an online form.