New Registration Procedures For Pupils

We have introduced a new method of pupils registering in the morning for school, while they learn at home online. As you will appreciate, making sure that pupils make their presence known to the school each day has huge benefits to the school in terms of measuring engagement with learning as well as assessing the basic health and wellbeing of pupils.

The details of this will be posted at 4pm today in the six year group Google Classrooms (S1-6), which all pupils have been invited to join via their school (Gmail) email accounts. Please make sure that you (if you are a pupil) or your child have/has joined the relevant classroom. Within each classroom is a link to the form as well as a short video (also shown below) which explains where to find the form as well as how to fill it in.

Pupils must register using this form online between 8.45am and 9.15am each day.

We will start using this regsitration method from tomorrow morning, Friday 22nd January 2021.

Please note that failure to register in the morning may result in parent/carers being contacted to establish reasons for absence.

If you have any problems please CONTACT US.