SQA Assessment Window Calendar – January 2021

We are now in a positon to publish, for pupils and parents, the calendar for our SQA Assessment Window. It will take place between January 11th and January 28th 2021. A PDF of the calendar is available below as well as a table verison which can be searched and sorted for ease of reading.

Soon, we will also have an online Google calendar of the assessments that can be subcribed to by pupils on their phones/devices. We will publish details on this website as they become available.

SubjectLevel ColumnScheduled Assessment
GeographyN5DMonday 25th Jan P4/5
GeographyN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
GeographyHCTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
GeographyHCFriday 15th P3
HistoryN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
HistoryN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
HistoryHEMonday 18th Jan P6/7
HistoryHETuesday 19th Jan P6
Modern StudiesN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
Modern StudiesN5DMonday 25th Jan P4/5
Modern StudiesHBWednesday 13th Jan P1/2
Modern StudiesHBThursday 14th Jan P6
RMPSN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
SubjectLevel Scheduled Assessment
ArtN5BWednesday 13th January - P1/2
ArtHDMonday 25th Jan P4/5
Graphic CommunicationN5BThursday 28th Jan P6/7
Graphic CommunicationN5BTBC
Graphic CommunicationN5DMonday 25th Jan P4/5
Graphic CommunicationN5DWednesday 27th Jan P4
Graphic CommunicationHATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
Graphic CommunicationHAWednesday 27th Jan P5
Design and ManufactureN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
Design and ManufactureN5CFriday 15th Jan P3
Design and ManufactureHEMonday 18th Jan P6/7
Design and ManufactureHETuesday 19th Jan P6
Practical WoodworkingN5BThursday 28th Jan P6 or 7
Practical WoodworkingN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3 or 4
SubjectLevel Scheduled Assessment
MathsN5S4Monday 18th Jan P2/3
MathsN5S4Tuesday 19th Jan P7
MathsN5S4Thursday 21st Jan P3
MathsN5E - S5Monday 18th Jan P6/7
MathsN5E - S5Tuesday 19th Jan P6
MathsN5E - S5Thursday 21st Jan P5
MathsN5B - S5Wednesday 20th Jan P1/2
MathsN5B - S5Thursday 21st Jan P6/7
MathsHEMonday 18th Jan P6/7
MathsHETuesday 19th Jan P6
MathsHEThursday 21st Jan P5
MathsHBWednesday 20th Jan P1/2
MathsHBThursday 21st Jan P6/7
CSN5BWednesday 13th January - P1/2
CS (*plus 4x N5 pupils)HEMonday 18th Jan P6-7
CS (*plus 4x N5 pupils)HETuesday 19th Jan P6
BusinessN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
BusinessHigherATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
SubjectLevel Scheduled Assessment
EnglishN5S4Monday 11th January
EnglishN5S5 DMonday 11th Jan P4/5
EnglishN5S5 CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
EnglishHigherCTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
EnglishHigherDMonday 11th January P4/5
FrenchN5BWednesday 13th January - P1/2
FrenchN5BThursday 14th Jan P3
SubjectLevel Scheduled Assessment
BiologyN5DMonday 25th Jan P4/5
BiologyN5DWedneday 27th Jan P4
BiologyN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
BiologyN5AWednesday 27th Jan P5
Human BioHATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
Human BioHAWednesday 27th Jan P5
Human BioHAThursday 28th Jan P2
ChemistryN5CTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
ChemistryN5CThursday 14th Jan P3
ChemistryN5DMonday 25th Jan P4/5
ChemistryN5DWedneday 27th Jan P4
ChemistryHEMonday 18th Jan P6-7
ChemistryHETuesday 19th Jan P6
ChemistryHEThursday 21st Jan P5
PhysicsN5BWednesday 13th Jan P1/2
PhysicsN5BThursday 14th Jan P6
PhysicsN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
PhysicsN5AWednesday 27th Jan P5
PhysicsHCTuesday 12 Jan - P1/2
PhysicsHCThursday 14th Jan P3
PhysicsHCFriday 15th Jan P3
Env ScienceN5BWednesday 13th Jan P1/2
Env ScienceN5BThursday 14th Jan P6
SubjectLevel Scheduled Assessment
PEHigherDMonday 25h Jan P4/5
PEHigherDTuesday 26th Jan P7
MusicN5BWednesday 13th Jan P1
MusicHigherBWednesday 13th Jan P1
H&FTN5ATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
H&FTN5AWednesday 27th Jan P5
H&FTHigherATuesday 26th Jan P3/4
H&FTHigherAWednesday 27th Jan P5
HospitalityN5EMonday 18th Jan P6/7
Hospitality - PracticalN5ETBC