Maths Week Challenges WHS Pupils

This week pupils in schools all over Scotland took part in #MathsWeek. Wick High School pupils, from S1 to S4, have been tackling various challenges throughout the week to get them thinking about where Maths is used in everyday life. Over the week pupils have learned to:

  • decipher cryptography challenges
  • take part in Scotlands’ Maths Wi Nae Borders competition
  • investigate careers involving Maths
  • solve daily challenges set by Deputy First Minister, John Swinney
  • send/receive secret coded messages from local primary pupils
  • and much more!
Pictured are S1 pupils Sophie Tucker, Ellie Henderson, Chloe Begg and Becky Hamilton, deciphering coded messages from Dunbeath Primary School pupils.

Here is a message some of the pupils encrypted using the pigpen cipher, can you decipher it?