Senior Phase and S2-3 Return To School – Registration Information

With our Senior Phase and S2-3 pupils returning to school tomorrow and Friday respectively, we would like to publish the arrangements for morning registration. This is especially important as pupils will be issued with vital procedural information as well as their new timetables during this time.

When pupils arrive at school they are kindly asked not to congregate in the communal areas of the school but, instead, make directly for their registration room. Registration this week will be extended to allow the aforementioned information to be communicated to pupils.

The registration, Year Head and Guidance teacher arrangements for the new session are shown below.

ClassGuidanceYear Head2020/21Room
1F1N MackintoshG MackenzieA MacarthurE.00.17
1F2P BainG MackenzieG SutherlandE.01.34
1MJ GunnG MackenzieC WatsonE.00.16
1NP BainG MackenzieC AitkenD.00.24
1RJ GunnG MackenzieK ClasperE.01.12
1SN MackintoshG MackenzieC MartinE.00.08
2F1N MackintoshC BennettE GentryD.00.25
2F2P BainC BennettJ HarcusD.01.01
2MJ GunnC BennettE NicolsonD.00.12
2NP BainC BennettS De ValenciaE.01.07
2RJ GunnC BennettE KelsoE.01.13
2SN MackintoshC BennettMr N LamontD.01.21
3FN MackintoshS LaybourneE StoboE.01.14
3MP BainS LaybourneJ AndersonD.00.26
3NP BainS LaybourneM CollE.01.06
3RJ GunnS LaybourneMrs N LamontE.01.26
3SN MackintoshS LaybourneD LewisE.00.14
4FN MackintoshC BennettB IrwinD.01.19
4MJ GunnC BennettA FlynnE.00.29
4NP BainC BennettS KumarD.01.29
4RJ GunnC BennettJ KennedyE.01.21
4SP BainC BennettP DarmadyD.01.22
5FN MackintoshS LaybourneS MachrayD.01.15
5NP BainS LaybourneM KerE.00.07
5RJ GunnS LaybourneJ TillierE.01.05
5SN MackintoshS LaybourneS LaybourneD.01.02
6FN MackintoshG MackenzieS BunchE.00.13
6MJ GunnG MackenzieS BunchE.00.13
6NP BainG MackenzieC DarmadyE.00.06
6RJ GunnG MackenzieC DarmadyE.00.06
6SN MackintoshG MackenzieNo Reg class 
ASNVariousVariousL HendryE.00.24
Class 1VariousD ShearerH AndersonE.00.22