Arrangements For S1 Induction

We look forward to seeing our new S1 pupils tomorrow morning for their induction day. The day will run as follows:

  • Pupils should arrive at school for morning registration which begins at 8.40 am.
  • Staff, waiting at reception, will direct the pupils to their registration class to meet their registration teacher.
  • Registration will be extended to allow pupils to receive information about their timetable, their canteen account details and the general procedures in place in the school.
  • The pupils will then be taken on a tour of the school building and grounds by a member of the school’s Guidance or Senior Management teams.
  • They will have a morning interval at 9.45 am when they will be able to purchase food from the canteen. Please see information already published regarding this.
  • They will then follow their timetable from period 3 onwards.
  • Lunch will be from 12.25pm – 1.15pm. Pupils are free to leave the school building at this time.
  • At a time between periods 3 and 7, Mr Mackenzie, S1 Year Head, will speak to the pupils in their register class groups to welcome them to the school and give them some information on S1 life.
  • Pupils will leave school at 3.35 pm to travel home.

If pupils have PE they are asked to come dressed to school in suitable PE clothing – tracksuits and leggings are permitted on these days – as there will not be normal facilities for changing.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.