Scottish Fire & Rescue Youth Volunteers Wanted!

Wick High School is to be part of an exciting opportunity for our youngsters to gain experience of The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

With a target launch date of April, the Youth Volunteer Scheme (YVS) will begin in Wick, operating primarily from Wick Community Fire Station.

This is a scheme that will run on a rolling 3-year programme, for children aged 13-18 who wish to become Youth Volunteers with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

This will not be dissimilar to ‘cadet’ type schemes that the fire service have run in the past or still currently run such as ‘HiFires’ and ‘Fireskills’ (which was run just before the New Year in Thurso)

Some of the main aims and benefits of the scheme for the young people include:

  1. Gaining a practical understanding of the SFRS and play a supportive role in their local communities
  2. Becoming more successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors with improved life skills.
  3. Increased capacity for further learning, employability and volunteering.

As mentioned previously, the scheme in Wick is one of only six being run throughout Scotland, one of only two within the Service’s ‘North Service Delivery Area’ and the only one to be run in the Highlands & Islands.

We will be visited by a member of the SFRS with responsibility for the scheme, Dean MacFadden, on Wednesday next week (Wednesday 26th February) to speak with interested pupils.

We would ask any interested pupils to make themselves known to their Guidance teacher as soon as possible so that they might attend on Wednesday.