WHS Pupils Gain Gymnastics Success

Congratulations to the following pupils who competed at a recent Gymnastics competition in Inverness on Sunday 2nd February 2020.

Wick High School Level 1 – Team Bronze

Miya Campbell                  Floor      4th

Erin Anderson                   Floor      4th

                                                Vault     2nd                          Overall SILVER

Isla Mackay                         Vault     6th

Wick High School Level 2 – Team Silver

Carla Malcolm                   Floor      4th

Hannah Gunn                    Floor      2nd

                                                Vault     5th                           Overall GOLD

Rachel Mackay                  Floor      6th

                                                Vault     1st                           Overall BRONZE

Wick High School Level 4 – Team Gold

Amber Mackenzie           Floor      6th

                                                Vault     3rd                           Overall 6th

Ellen Hamilton                   Floor      4th

                                                Vault     5th                           Overall 4th

Leah Sinclair                       Floor      5th                           Overall 5th

Sophie Burr                         Team Gold