Advanced Higher Maths Pupils Win Awards In UK Competition

Pupils from Wick High School have been successful in a national mathematics test, The UK Mathematical Challenge, which is open to pupils in S6 and A Level throughout the United Kingdom. The test is designed to “involve mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency”  to solve interesting problems. The 90 minute test is sat under exam conditions and covers a broad range of mathematical topics. Wick saw two pupils obtain a coveted silver award in the assessment. S6 pupils Harry Bartlett who was the highest scoring pupil in the school,  and Archie Budge both obtained a Silver Award. Only the top 30% of the pupils who sit the test achieve this level. A further two pupils obtained a bronze award and they were Cate McGowan and Maja Pearson.

Mr MacBeath who teaches Advanced Higher Maths to all the pupils involved in the challenge, said “ The UK Maths challenge has provided inspiration and fascination to pupils for over 20 years. It allows pupils to utilise problem solving and reasoning skills that may not be covered in the SQA Maths curriculum. I am delighted to see these pupils rewarded for their hard work and they should be very proud of how they have done. “

From L to R; Winners Cate McGowan, Archie Budge, Mr MacBeath (teacher) & Harry Bartlett. (Not pictured: Maja Pearson)

Editor’s note: many thanks to Archie Budge for the words of this report.