Teacher’s Get ‘Gunged’ For Children In Need

A group of sixth year pupils organised a charity event in aid of Children In Need, which saw two teachers and a senior pupil gunged. They had raised a total of £549.75 with pupils donating to the teacher/pupil of their choice to be gunged as well as contributing towards a small bake sale. The three lucky (or rather unlucky?) victims were Mr Ross (Faculty Head of Tech and Art), Archie Budge (S6 Pupil Leader) and Mr Tillier (Modern Studies). 

The whole school braced the cold at lunchtime to watch these three poor souls being covered with a mixture of spaghetti, broth mix, cornflour, oats and food colouring. Erin MacGregor (S6 Leader) hosted the event, announcing each victim in reverse order of the total amount of money raised by pupils nominating them to be gunged. 

Mr Ross came third although he was first in one respect; getting gunged! He sat in the paddling pool and waited for the raffle to be drawn to find out who was the lucky one to gunge him. With the red, slimy, disgusting gunge being poured down his back, he braved it and got to return to his seat. 

Archie came second. He was unlucky enough to have two buckets full of blue gunge to be poured over him with two pupils, selected by raffle to be the ‘gungers’, getting a bucket each.

Mr Tillier was left, and with a grand personal total of £194.52. His ‘victory’ overall wasn’t the expected result but incredibly £100 was raised for him in just one break time on the final day of voting! He stepped into the gunge filled paddling pool, and braced himself for two buckets down his back and one bucket to the face. 

The afternoon was enjoyed by everyone, even the three unfortunates who were covered in the disgusting substance, with all the money going towards a great cause.