School Policy Documents Available In ‘Online Library’

Our school website is increasingly the main method of communication with parents, guardians, pupils and the wider community. In order to make the content of the website as relevant and useful as possible we have started the process of reviewing and updating various school policy documents before publishing them in our online library.

The process has started with three doscuments: the S2-S3 Prospectus; the Senior Phase Prospectus and the Parent Handbook for session 2018-19. These documents have been published using a new feature of our site which allows them to be read on a computer or tablet screen as if they were printed on paper. This, we hope, is a more pleasant way of reading school documents and saves downloading and printing, although these options are available for those who wish to do this. All of the documents made available will be placed in the School Policies and Handbooks page of this site.

Our aim in the coming month is to have a wide range of school policies avaiable as well as having subjects in the school provide resources for students, especially those in senior years who are sitting SQA qualifiations. We will notify you as and when these documents become available. In the meantime if you have any feedback on this new section of our site please contact us using the form below.