Primary 7 Induction Days – Parent Information

We look forward to meeting our new S1 pupils for their induction days on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 June 2018.  In preparation for these days we would like to pass on some information which hopefully will answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Pupils should arrive in school and make their way to the Main Hall where they will be met by the Rector, Deputes, Guidance teachers and Registration teachers at 9.00 am. Pupils will be issued with their timetables for the two induction days and will be guided around the school by S6 pupils and members of the school’s Pupil Council throughout their visit.

At lunchtime on both days they will be expected to stay in school unless parents have informed us that they wish their child to come home for lunch.  They will have an early lunch at 1.00 pm and return to the Main Hall at 1.45 pm.  Pupils will be released from classes at 3.20 pm to make their way home or to catch school buses in good time. We have informed the bus companies of the increase in pupil numbers for the two days.

As regards what to wear, a choice of their Primary School uniform/sweatshirt or anything close to our dress code of plain black/white clothing is acceptable.  There should be no football tops or any garment with slogans.  A copy of our dress code is available HERE.

Finally, there will be a Parent’s Information Evening on Tuesday, 26 June at 7.00 pm in the school’s main hall when parents will have the opportunity to meet with staff and ask questions on any concerns they may have. Senior Management Team and Guidance teachers will be in attendance during this evening.

Please check our dedicated P7 Transition Page of this website for the latest documentation.

We look forward to meeting both parents and children during these days.