RedCritter Student Rewards – May Prizewinners Are Announced!

The month of May saw our school complete the first full month of using our new student rewards system RedCritter. Throughout May, teachers in the school awarded pupils points for excellence in categories such as Great Work, Effort and Cooperation while Wick High School Merit Awards were given to the students who amassed the highest total number of points in the other categories that month. Once awarded, these points count for the individual student’s total as well as also counting towards the total number of points for their respective houses. A current house points total can be found below with the houses in the following positions:

1st – Morven (3382 points)

2nd – Noss (3145 points)

3rd – Scaraben (2574 points)

4th – Fergus (2463 points)

5th – Rumster (2122 points)

House Points as of 18th June 2018

The top three students in each category for the month of May were assembled last week to be congratulated on their fine work and to have a photo taken at the front of the school. In addition a letter was sent to the parents of each student congratulating them on their achievement. All students in the school have a RedCritter account which can be accessed HERE or by going to your phone’s app store and searching for RedCritter.


The top performing students for the month of May 2018

The full list of winners is bellow, well done to you all!

Farrah Mackay 4S Class Conduct 1st
Xenon Carberry 4S Class Conduct 2nd
Shona Miller 4S Class Conduct 3rd
Neil Sandison 4S Cooperation 1st
Nicole Miller 4F Cooperation 2nd
Nia James 2F Cooperation 2nd
Sophie Green 4R Cooperation 3rd
Julia Krzeszewska 2N Effort 1st
Angus Waples 2N Effort 2nd
Ally Miller 2N Effort 3rd
Flynn Taylor 3M Great Work 1st
Alice Dunnett 3M Great Work 1st
Sian Niniss 2N Great Work 2nd
Ally Miller 2N Great Work 2nd
Graham John 2N Great Work 3rd
Rose Gill 3M Great Work 3rd
Scott Levack 2N Great Work 3rd
Morgan Thain 2N Great Work 3rd
Kelli Malcolm 3M Great Work 3rd
Ally Miller 2N WHS Merit 1st
Julia Krzeszewska 2N WHS Merit 1st
Neil Sandison 4S WHS Merit 1st
Xenon Carberry 4S WHS Merit 2nd
John Mackay 2S WHS Merit 3rd