S3 French Revision

Mrs Darmady’s S3 are now preparing for Module 4 assessment (Where I live) and have been issued the following:

S3 revision for Module 4 (where I live) assessments

Starting Monday 28/01/18


  • Places in town / there is (il y a) – there isn’t (il n’y a pas)
  • Opinions / agreeing to do something or not
  • Directions / positions
  • Frequency
  • Activities in town


  1. Aller au /à la/ à l’/aux  – to go to
  2. Pouvoir ( to be able to) – vouloir ( to want to) in the present tense + infinitive
  3. –ER verbs present tense

Linguascope links

ü  Moi et ma famille: où j’habite

ü  Mon environment : en ville, les magasins

ü  Le monde du travail : lieux de travail

Please see Mrs Darmady with any queries you may have.