S2 & S3 French – Linguascope Resources

Pupils have now received the new password for Linguascope. To ensure it is used to its full potential, please find the relevant sections for all S2 and S3 for this term. They are linked to the work covered in class at present.

If you have any questions contact your French teacher.

S2 -> beginners section:

  • Les bases:
  1. Les nombres /numbers
  2. Les dizaines/tens
  • Mon environnement:
  1. Les vêtements / clothes
  • La vie au quotidien:
    1. Les matières / school subjects
    2. L’heure / time
  • L’alimentation
    1. Fruits
    2. Légumes / veg
    3. Snacks

S3 -> beginners section:

  • Moi et ma famille:
  1. Où j’habite /Where I live
  • Mon environnement:
  • En ville /in town
  • Les magasins / shops
  • Le monde du travail:

Lieux de travail / workplaces