2017/18 School Uniform: Changes and Information

Over the past months members of our Pupil Councils have had their say in what they would like our school’s uniform to be as we begin our first full academic year in our magnificent new school building.

While we have always employed a dress code in the school our pupils have asked via their council representatives for a more consistent approach to what pupils wear while at school. Each of the school’s Depute Rectors met on several occasions with their designated year groups and asked them what they would like. Pupils were able to look at samples of the proposed items of clothing to make their decisions. The overwhelming response was that pupils would like to see the school badge made more prominent on their clothing as well as making more use of the two ties (traditional striped and our Wick High School Tartan) that the school has available.

Once we had the views of the pupils we then presented our findings to the Parent Council who were also able to view the various samples. They were extremely enthusiastic about the proposed changes and felt that this would be an ideal time to relaunch the image of the school as we enter our new premises.

We have approached local business Blackstairs Highlandwear to be a supplier of the new clothing. They also offer an extended catalogue of items which meet the uniform policy which can be ordered by contacting them directly.

As well as local shops we have an online supplier available, Schoolwear Made Easy, who have a catalogue of items which can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Essentially the major change to the existing guidelines are that all pupils must now wear, at all times inside school, an item of clothing on their upper body which either shows the school badge or the school tie with a shirt/blouse. We will enforce this change from the start of the next academic year set for Tuesday 15th August 2017.

A copy of the new uniform policy, along with a list of suppliers of the items, is available by clicking on the link below and will be posted on our Dress Code page from the start of next session.


Wick High School Uniform Policy 2017