Bob In Space! – S2 Create Their Own Animated Short Film

Mr Mackenzie’s S2 Computing classes have been creating animated short films using the stick figure animation program, Pivot. The budding animators have been finishing work on their films this week and these are slowly trickling in to be premiered to the world on this website.

The first of these films is shown below. Entitled ‘Bob In Space’ it is a human tragedy centering on the life of a lonely space traveler, Bob.

Robbie Campbell, one of the team of five boys who produced the film, took the time to tell us more about how it was made: “Our group contained Aidan Sutherland, Coinneach Pellow, Lee Begg, Marc Durrand and I. We used Pivot to work on our animation, and we all animated two scenes each. After that, we put the files into Movie Maker and added captions.”

Brilliant work lads; well done!

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to watch the video in versions of Internet Explorer. Please use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome, instead.