Biometric Canteen Payment System – Parent/Carer Information

As we look to the move to our new school in January we are giving parents/carers and pupils the option of paying for their canteen food using a biometric system. This system allows pupils to pay for their food using their fingerprint rather than the pin code that we currently employ in our ‘cashless canteen’. We hope that this method of payment will allow the pupils to purchase their food at a much quicker rate; thereby reducing queues and waiting times as well as avoiding the issue of pupils forgetting their pin codes.

We will be asking pupils to register their fingerprints during the school day on Wednesday 30th November. An opt-out form was issued via individually addressed envelopes recently and it is this form which needs to be completed and returned to the school if you wish your child not to be part of the system. They will still be able to use their pin code to purchase canteen items in the new school.

Below are two documents which help to answer any questions that you might have on the system and how it works: