WHS Tartan Ties Issued to S6 Pupils

This morning our S6 pupils were given a Wick High School tartan tie in recognition of their time in the school. The ties were gifted to the pupils on behalf of our Parent Council and it is hoped that this event will become a regular occurrence in coming years, both to mark our senior students’ final year in the school as well as standing as an encouragement to younger students to incorporate the tartan in to their school clothing as we look to designing other items using the unique pattern such as scarves, bags and even shoes.

In attendance at this morning’s proceedings was Mr Martin Gill of Blackstairs Highlandwear who, along with Mr Craig Ross, was instrumental in the creation of the tartan.


Wick High School 6th year students, Jamie Mowat and Kaitlyn Miller model the school’s new tartan while their fellow 6th year look on. The Wick High School tartan was designed to mark the move to the newly built school and each year the Parent Council are gifting each of the 6th year pupils a tartan tie. Pupils designed the tartan with help from Martin Gill, (right), who runs Blackstairs Highland Wear. Also in the photograph are 6th year registration teachers, Siony Bunch, (2nd right) and Neil Mackintosh, (3rd right).



Please watch this space in coming days for details on how you can purchase a tie of your own.

Many thanks to R MacDonald of Northern Studios, Wick, for these photographs.