More Swimming Success for WHS!

We recently were reminded of the talented swimmers we have in the school when a selection of our pupils competed at the Highland Schools Championships in Inverness and returned with a hugely impressive number of medals and PBs. Our winners are shown below and a full results list can be found HERE.

Particular congratulations must go to Max Hagan, S4, who was recently invited to a training camp in Fuerteventura, Spain. Max is an extremely talented swimmer and took the time from his busy schedule of training and schooling to tell us more:

Max Hagan, S4

“We were away for a week and the training was really hard(60,000 metres total), the hard work and the heat combined made it really tough but I am sure I have benefited from going. The coach that was there was Mel Marshall (Olympic coach for this year) and she was very motivational which pushed us all along. We had one day off where we went to the water park too! I had a great time and I am hopefully going to be going next year.

Also a little update: I’ve been selected to go to Geneva in Switzerland to represent the North of Scotland in an international competition over there, only two people (one boy and one girl) from my age group in the North can go so I’m very pleased about that as well.”
 Well done Max; what a superb achievement!
Scottish School Swimming Championships 2016 – WHS Results

Our winning swimmers in Inverness

Max Hagan: 200m breaststroke (gold); 100 m breaststroke (gold)

Lana Klimas: 200m freestlyee (PB); 200m back stroke (PB)

Eve Watt: 200m breaststroke (PB); 200m freestyle (PB)

Amy Williamson: 200m backstroke; 200m fly (gold)

Shona Miller: 200m back (PB); 200m freestlye (PB)

Emma Fishenden: 200m free (silver); 100m back (PB)

Drew Mathieson: 100m freestyle (PB); 200m freestyle (bronze)

Many thanks to Diane for the photos and results.